20 Oct 2011

Marimekko spring/summer 2012

“The fragrance of spring’s first flowers. The sounds of arrival and departure in the busy port. The colourful market, alive with smiling people, fresh vegetables, fish, seagulls. Long, leisurely hours spent with friends in cafés, parks, the nearby islands. Bike rides to the allotment garden to witness the miracle of growth.”

Images by Marimekko and me.

I love going to the Marimekko shows because they always make an effort with the set design, no exception this time as it featured barefoot models on a water-covered runway. Collection was presented at the Caple Factory yesterday and it was based on moments of life in Helsinki. After the show the guests were shown to the separately build area with cosy tables&chairs and lights hanging from the ceiling. Marimekko fabrics, prints and crockery were strongly present as traditional Finnish bun and drinks were served.


  1. No nythän näyttää jo hyvältä! Ihana tuo raidallinen marimekko!

  2. Kiitos! Eikö vain, itsekin tykkään raidallisesta mekosta kovin: niin yksinkertainen, mutta ihana! Myös housuissa on mielenkiintoisia leikkauksia!