28 Oct 2011

Diesel & Heikki Salonen – the beginning of a new era

Yesterday I was excited to see the first full collection that the newly appointed Head of Design Heikki Salonen with his team has designed for Diesel’s spring/summer 2012 season! At the same time the whole Diesel womenswear brand has been relaunched and is getting a slightly more grown-up and softer aesthetic.
The denim line has been reduced to six styles (available in several washes) and completely redesigned. They include a high waisted & 50’s inspired Highkee (which apparently is how the Italians pronounce the Finn Heikki’s name), Myguy boyfriend style and skinnies that have a higher back so you can actually bend down comfortably.
Traces of the former Fashion East and NEWGEN designer Salonen’s style can definitely be seen in the menswear influenced shirts, prints, shorts, sheer fabrics and in a certain long dress with leather detailing. Meanwhile there was so much more: shoes, great rucksacks and so on but having only gotten two hours of sleep the night before, I was going around like some mad lady and couldn’t get my head around for the half of it...

Images courtesy of Diesel.



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