13 Oct 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier by Mikli

” because there was the one, because there was the other...”

” The one reinvented the sailor’s outfit, the other reinvented specs: their paths have finally come together, and they have wed - a fantastic union.”

Images courtesy of Alain Mikli / Marsaana Communications.

I had the honour to meet the Monsieur Alain Mikli himself on a rainy Thursday afternoon at the Alain Mikli store in Helsinki, where he introduced his brand new collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier. He seemed like a fascinating character and like a true artist, talking with his French accent and sipping red wine. Questions like: ”How many models are in this collection?” was answered with comic: “I have no idea!” Luckily the lovely pr lady had done her homework and we soon found out that it in fact consists of 20 models (both specs and sunglasses), prices ranging from about 219-320 € and available now!

Peigne Trio: for joyful widows or cheeky Parisiennes, 219 €

Éventail, 320 €

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