10 Feb 2012

Strawberry Bon Bons, Rhubarb & Custards and Sherbet Lemons

When we walked past this old-fashioned candy store in Helsinki’s Uudenmaankatu with my sister, we just had to go in! This was THE sweet shop that we as kids so often had dreamed about when watching a certain episode of Pippi Longstocking, well maybe a thousand times. Film star bubblegum, pear drops, liquorice Catherine wheels, chocolate and lollipops – everything looking so darn cute. You just could not leave empty handed, great place also for buying little gifts!
Uudenmaankatu 32, 00120 Helsinki
Opening times: Mon–Fri 10–18, Sat 10–15 

(Photos by me)


  1. Kea, you so have to go!! Rakastuin välittömästi kun astuin ovesta sisään! sieltä saa myös ihanuus/hyvyys tikkunekkuja. hjärta.