15 Sep 2012

Marimekko s/s 13, The Art of Printmaking - Colour for a Reason

This season there was no Marimekko fashion show in Helsinki, instead it was held at New York fashion week – the fact that we are all so proud of!! Couple of days later, Helsinki crowd gathered to a movie theatre, where the NY debut was shown on the big screen. There was a lot of colour and prints– the core of Marimekko. Models took to the runway barefoot or sporting some Marimekko print Converse, smiling; the casting was also interesting as it showed a variety of different models. 

Images courtesy of Marimekko - Runway photo credit: Billy Farrell Agency

Impi dress

Kosmos dress & Mansikka Converse platform shoes

Jooa trousers & Uimassa blouse

Hurmaus dress - Limited Edition

Salsa necklace & Rytmi, Liike, Humppa, Pyörre bracelets

Pastelli dress

Sitruunajätski dress

Planeetta dress & Pluto hat

Pyrstötähti bag

Bassi jacket, Visti dress & Lisa wooden clogs

Pinkki dress

Koboltti dress

Matikka dress & Lisa wooden clogs

Mervi dress

Hengaillaan leggings & Nautiskellen shirt - Asleep

Iltauinti dress

Heilahdus dress - Limited Edition

Marimekko macaroons

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