7 Nov 2011

(Everything You Did Not Want to Know) About Alice and the Rabbit

These are just beautiful! Photographer & illustrator Saara Salmi's solo exhibition ‘About Alice and the Rabbit’ is based on the fascinating story of a sketchbook – an old family heirloom – given to her by her grandmother. It consisted of strange drawings about a magical place underground and creatures with long rabbit ears. I have reconstructed evidence that has nearly been destroyed, I've discovered artefacts from museums, archives and cross referenced them directly with the drawings in my grandmother’s sketchbook. It is finally time to reveal what really happened to Alice and the Rabbit.”

About Alice and the Rabbit, story and photographs by Saara Salmi
Exhibition at Galleria Volga, 5th
26th November 2011

Images below courtesy of Saara Salmi.

Alice, 2011


At the Circus, 2011

Rabbit, 2011


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